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Software Development by Le Proghrammeen

bespoke systems

Software development: Our teams are adept at providing technical and business solutions by developing its own technical programmable resources as well as expanding its resources in terms of technical and programming tools. We work with: VisualStudio.Net, ASP.NET, Python, Ruby, HTML,VBA,MSSQL Server,Oracle,BI SQLServer Reporting Services SSRS, CrystalReports, AJAX, Silverlight, Adobe CSsuite, Corelsoftware, 3DMaxStudio, GIF Animation Software and many other supporting open source tools.

Our Approach: We use a variety of software development models depending on the job at hand. Agile and incremental models are quite common with our work. However, we like to tailor whatever model we use to fit our overall output. Our software development process is an inclusive process where our customers makes major contribution to the final product.