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About Us

About Le Proghrammeen Solutions

Le Proghrammeen Solutions is an information technology company with core in high-tech security  systems,  bespoke software and mobile development, training and consultancy services, web and digital marketing services  that help you maximize ROI  via increase sales funnel, effective brand perception and efficient productivity automation tools.

We are one of Nigeria's most enterprising companies that have gained strides by our humble experiences acquired over the years working with great clients and multinational companies. We are outstanding for our culture and ideologies of placing our client's customers’ needs highest as soon as we establish acquaintance with our client's business and goals.

We do not give sweet guarantees or advance on complex routes, We help our customers reach their online goals using simplicity and the 4-P drivers (People, Processes, Platform and Policy); ultimately the results are laudable, usable and profitable projects.

We serve the needs of businesses and consumers in the Government, Health, Travels and Tours, Consumer goods and Social services sectors (amongst others) of the economy

What we offer?

Developing a new website or improving on existing one is a work of passion for our team.
It is a creative endeavor one in which we excel. We don’t just design, we maintain and improve on our work constantly From online delivery processes to e-transactions and product portfolio, our team provide the most cutting edge and innovative application to make your website stunning, easy to use and visually interactive

We manage complex customer relationships across a variety of channels – both digital and traditional. by responding to and initiating dynamic customer interactions.
We also extract value from big data to make better decisions fast
A man is as good as his skills... We focus on enterprise and intensive personal onsite and offsite training for people interested in gaining practical skills in selected IT related fields over very limited time.

Who we Are?

  • Our Mission

    To create effective and efficient solutions that consistently meets our customer needs, goals and ultimate business satisfaction.
  • Our Vission

    Becoming a well-positioned leader in the provision of cutting edge information and communications technology solutions in Africa by using technological compliance and sustainable implementation of quality information and communication technology grid .

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