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    reativity into your branding.

Welcome To LE PROGHRAMMEEN Solutions

An innovative and customer partnership approach to IT solution and delivery
Solution Reengineering defined by you, designed by us. It’s a definite Win-Win!
We are one of the most enterprising IT Company in Nigeria and Africa.
We Listen, We Create, We design and Support your business process
Our Goal is simple - Put a satisfactory smile on your face from improved business sales and productivity.


profiling brands

"The strategic delivering of words that get people to take some form of action on your website product or services requires professional touch"

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online stores

It is our experience that there's a need for robust and flexible ecommerce systems to cater for the needs of small to medium scale businesses. Let us help you bring your business online.

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Digital Marketing

positioning your brand

Helping you implement organic and inorganic strategies to position your brand in the highly competitive internet space is our business. Your brand deserves an Identity and voice online.

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Corporate & Individual Training

We conduct intensive Practical driven classes on various IT areas: Web and Mobile Technologies, Search Engine Optimixation and Cloud computing.

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Android Development


We develop bespoke android applications and also provide training to customers on Android development.

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About us

Le Proghrammeen Solutions is an information technology company with core in high-tech security systems, bespoke software and mobile development, training and consultancy services, web and digital marketing services  that help you maximize return on investment (ROI) via increase sales funnel, effective brand perception and efficient productivity automation tools. We serve the needs of businesses and consumers in the Government, Health, Travels and Tours, Consumer goods and Social services sectors (amongst others) of the economy.

What we do

  • Serving Nigeria and Africa
  • A Customer Partnership Approach
  • Simplifying complex processes – 4P drivers

Our Skills

  • Web UI Development
  • Software and Mobile
  • Graphic design
  • SEO Managment

Customers Remarks

The Project Management classes were organised and structured – like a good project. The material

used, and instruction given were not adhoc, but in line with the PMBOK source material.

At first I was sceptical, and believed all the Project Management Institute had managed to accomplish

with their guide, was the creation of conventionalized nomenclature for common sense tasks and

activities. But as classes progressed, I came to realise the guide helps bring to the fore of one's

consciousness aspects of an endeavour or enterprise critical to success which may ordinarily be


Communication in classes was always open and friendly, and I should add (from both

Leproghrammeen tutors), I picked up some truly invaluable life skills.

In all, I feel I can say, classes did not deviate from the program charter, all educational deliverables

were supplied on time and on budget, were of the highest quality, and this project sponsor is very


Anthony Obusez: Project Management Student, (July 1 - August 30, 2015)

Classes at Le Proghrammeen were always engaging and relevant. The tutor always had answers to my

questions, and they were almost always the right ones. He could inform on almost any IT subject area,

and discussions often exceeded the scope of the class subject – which I found very appealing, and

more importantly, was in line with my overall objective. With that said, I can say I have also come away

with the necessary technical ability in the area of Data Analysis.

Anthony Obusez: Data Analysis, Student (July 1 - August 30, 2015)

What We Offer ?

We simply know that clarity and creativity must be given equal place on all projects for guaranteed customer satisfaction in the areas of conversion and optimization. We prefer to work the talk as it is a proven way of showing our ability and have given us an edge in our over 6 years of operating.

We give Simplicity,Usability,Brand identity and working products to our customers.

Great Support

Our Clients

1212 Polo & Turf Club
Agape Foundation for Rural Literacy & Education
Cuddles Daycentre, Abuja
Alge Ventures Ltd
Sosai Renewable Energies Company
Little Einsteins Montessori Academy